Derby: Return Leg

Wazalendo senior made the short trip across town on foot led by their founder Peter J, for the second leg of the Wazalendo derby a week after they hosted the Wazalendo junior team in the first leg.

The first match was a rugby 7s game, Wazalendo senior quickly got the better of the juniors with a try from Mike Nyando, Emmanuel Matibila and Walela. Wazalendo junior got their first consolation try from Lamec Ambetsa in the first half to make the scores 15-5 heading in to the break.

Mike Nyando was on fire and in the second half he completed his hattrick with two stunning tries, showing serious gas and speed to bag the tries on both occasions.

Lamec Ambetsa completed his hattrick as well for the Wazalendo junior team, putting into good use the raw speed that he is known for. Greg Namasaka and Charles were the other scorers as Wazalendo Senior led the Wazalendo junior 35-25 at fulltime.

The next game was a rugby 10s match, and a try by one of the Wazalendo junior forwards and another try by Lamec Ambetsa in each half of the match, was enough to grant Wazalendo junior a 10-0 win.

The last match was a rugby 7s match, between Wazalendo Senior Developmental team vs the Wazalendo junior developmental team. The senior side won 15-10.

Rugby 7s

Wazalendo Senior 35-25 Wazalendo Junior

Rugby 10s

Wazalendo senior 0-10 Wazalendo junior

Rugby 7s

Wazalendo Senior B 15-10 Wazalendo junior B.

Next up is the tour of Kakamega( where the Wazalendo are expected to play some high profile games.

An appeal to Wazalendo well wishers and fans, to kindly help the team financially inorder for them to attend the Kakamega friendlies. This should be done through the Wazalendo treasurer Austin Aunyasi 0723073355, even as the Wazalendo seek for sponsorship.


3 thoughts on “Derby: Return Leg

  1. This is a great initiative Peter Wamoto for Bungoma rugby players, fanatics and the whole community. Its also a mitigation measure to deter youths from engaging in Crime.


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