X-factor Player

Earlier on we captured the return of Ken Obel ‘Harry Kane ‘ https://4wazalendorugby.sport.blog/2020/08/31/the-return-of-the-beasts-2/ , the question that now remains in everyone’s mind after watching him play on Sunday is a simple one, “Is Ken Obel the next Songoi?”

Ken Obel might not be as physical as Songoi was, but the young man is certainly strong and quick. What he lacks for in his attack is compensated in his defence, he can really put a shoulder on those clean defensive hits and this makes him overally better than Songoi.

The Kabula Highschool alumnus joined the Wazalendo rugby Academy in 2018, and underwent the entire Wazalendo rugby training program that’s known for its intensity. Very few people make it past the first week of the program, which consists of thorough endurance, strength and conditioning drills. After a full year of conditioning and awareness drills, the young man was a completely different rugby player.

His speed and improved skills have seen him deployed at different positions, sometimes playing in midfield and other times finding Himself far out wide at the wing. Originally he is a forward and can play in any backrow or second row position.

Whatever it is that the future holds for the young man is not known, but one thing is clear, it won’t be long before a Big club comes seeking for his signature.


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